May 6, 2021

Sunday, August 16, 1964

(57 years ago)

The High Numbers follow The Kinks, then super-hot with their new song "You Really Got Me", and open for The Beatles, all during one Sunday night at the Blackpool Opera House. It is one of only two times that the band plays the same venue as the Liverpudlian Four. More than one writer has suggested that John Lennon takes the idea of using feedback at the beginning of that November's Beatles single "I Feel Fine" from watching Pete's feedback-laden performance on this night.

The High Numbers manage to make an impression despite the strong competition thanks not only to their performance but also to new professional stage lighting designed for them by Mike Shaw. When The High Numbers leave the stage, their Marshall stacks are removed and replaced with the Beatles' equipment. John Entwistle later remembers the Beatles' amps as half the size of what The High Numbers are already using. After the show the Numbers get a taste of Beatlemania as hysterical Beatle fans attack them as they leave the show, desperate for any souvenir of any band, ripping off pieces of their clothing and unknowingly ending up with Who collectibles.


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Opera House, Blackpool

Latitude: 53.817029
Longitude: -3.050974




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