January 15, 2021

1979-12-05 – The Star Press

1979 12 05 The_Star_Press_Wed__Dec_5__1979_

Tour Continuance Considered

LONDON (UPI) — A spokesman for trampled to death.
The Who said Tuesday that the English He said Townshend is considering
rock group is still considering whether canceling the rest of the group’s US,
to continue with its American tour. tour after Tuesday night’s perfor-

“Pete Townshend (the group’s lead- mance in Buffalo,
er) just wants to fall through a big hole “When all the dust settles and blame

in the ground,” said agent KBith Alth- is apportioned all around the fact re-
am.” commenting on the Cincinati mains that 11 kids are dead.” Altham

stampede in Which 11 rock fanswere said, “It’s a black day for rock,”