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1979-12-05 – The Times Herald

1979 12 05 The_Times_Herald_Wed__Dec_5__1979_


A Wednesday, Dec 5, I979

Who: ‘It’s the worst thing since Keith died’

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(lanm‘tt Nt'ws Sortlrv

lll'l‘l‘,l,ll, .‘ Y — Roger llultrc).
loud smut-t‘ ot' the Who. has :1 "t'lt-zu' um-
st'wnt'e us far as the baud Is «our
wrned.” but rvudtly uduuts to "a total
fouling of totul helplessness" ubout thv
tragedy Monday muht m wluvlt ll por
sons du-d tn .1 stumpvdo to got mus t'or
tlu- group's t'ttll('(‘l‘l 1n (‘tnt'utnatt

bozu'd ['8 .u' l‘ltullt llll hl'lltlt‘tl ht-ro

’l'uvsdoy ut’tvrnoon. he and the otlu'r
tlm'v members of the bond — l’t'lt'l‘
't‘owushond. loud guttur; .lohn liu-
l\lllt'. bus» and Kt‘nny Jones. drums
— and the Who's t'ntourugv n-ltwtl tho

"lt'x tlu‘ worst thing that lutppvnt-d
sum» Kutth Moon du‘d (Ill Svptcmbor
197K ot‘ druu-rolutod t-uusos).“ ltultn-y

“l uuvss ll sounds kutd ot' trite to say
that ltt'v hats to go on I just hllp(' to h(‘ll
wt- mu lvuru somvthutLl so It dovsn‘t ull
go to Htx‘ltt

“l actually fool llkt- gutting on u plunv
and Just kvvp going But 1 tool that
would be like letting rock and roll down.

“llock and roll has a good record. the
luuhltullt ot‘ most klds‘ lives l‘m uotnu
to play for thosv lt ktds tonight (rvlvrr-
mu to u (‘Ollfl'l‘l tn llul'fulo).“

“'l‘horv'x‘ ull tlus talk about bt-not'tts.
but money won‘t buy unyono of them
buck." llultt‘vy stud

He added that no ono from the group
has contut'tod any of tho lutnlly mom-
bot‘s ol lllt' Hellms yot, but stud thvy m-
tvnd to contact ouch family

"I know they‘re going to fool biltt-t‘, I
hope thoy know anything we could have
done to avert 1t. we would have, I just
hope tt won't stay with them.”

hullroy and his follow players stud
tlwy know nothing about the ownts out-
sidt- the hull until the show was well un-
der wuyu

llcfvt't‘lng to the group‘s manager, he
said “llv wasn‘t told unttl about 8:45. It
was hts dectsion not to stop the show,
And I agrvo with him."

He added that if group members had
known about lht‘ deaths before the show

few Who ticket takers

Report: loo

(lannt'lt News Sun lu-

(‘th'lNNA'l'l — lluvtnu too t'vu tu'kvt tukt-rx mu)
how ('Illlll‘lllult‘tl to tlu- t'utul lttwrtront t‘oltwum
tumpvdo Monday during Whll'h ll ('(Illt't'l‘l~t.it)t‘l‘ du-d
u pt‘t-lutunury polu'o t‘oport t'ttllCIlltlt‘tl 'l‘ut-sduy

In his L’Q-puuv report, Dolt- Mvnkhuus. u t‘tnrluuutl
poltu- lu-utouuut. illtl tltut ut T p m as lltttllslllltlx
uwuttt-d tho xturt ot The Who ('Hllt'l‘l'l

"'l‘lu-n- wu» u brtol dm'uwou of tho powhluy ot

oponuu: morv doors. lloum'ot'. thvro Wl‘l't‘ no morv
tu'kvt tukt-rs uuulublo then "

Monkltuus lod officers who \‘t‘l'l' to boulu u st-ltoul‘
tour ot‘ duty ut 4 o It] Monday lllllhltlt' tlu' coltsoum
’l‘ht- rt-port m’tltl thut coltsoum manager llu-hurd Mot"
gun suu u ('rowd t'ot'uunu ut 1 .10 p m and asked for

Fout'twn ollm-n. muu- ("ll“(‘d from home. showed
up ul .‘l p m u hour lutvr unothor otuht olltvvt's nr-
t‘twd 'l'lu-n- wt'v thrm' xupm tst-IN ou tltt- st't'nt'.

“It was impossible to uvt police into the ('t'oud at
this ttmo." Mvnkhuus stud.

But. the report said. “ln uunvrul. the crowd was ob
dm'ly and not u problem.

“’l‘lu- problvm 1105 m such a large crowd attumptmg
to gum ontt‘zuu‘v through too low doors. Few of those
in uttt'nduut't' had any knowlvdgv of tho ‘t‘l'iousnt‘ss of
this suuutlon "


began, there would have boon no show.
He. in fact, appeared outrugod that such
a question was asked. “()l cout'so. “'0
wouldn‘t. That‘s a stuptd quvstton. What
do you think the Who is‘"

His outrugt- vxtondt-d also to the hun-
dllng ol the concert ttsoll

“It's (losttvul soutlng) boon gout}; on
for years and has nvyer been 2: problom
before That hull had 50 exits. and I
would guess 50 entruncvh us wvll. “'0
know for a fact only three won- ()pt'nl'd
own though they tt‘tud to say today
there wore more. The whole thing was l'I-
diculous and totally insane. The door.»
worn to have opened at 7. and tlu-y
opened at four nunutos past. I don't sou
any reason for people acting llkt‘ unt-
mats: The show started on tinw at H p m
The band came on at 20 past. whu-h isn't
bud at all."

Sttll. Dultrvy tsn't blaming uny om-


“l don't think you tun potnl uny tm-
uvrs. They just trtod lo funnel 17,000
people into three doorways. and that
was mud." ‘

The Who, ltkv Hum otht-t' tourtnu
bunds. hus Itttlo t'lmll‘ttl owr tho stru‘tly
phystcul kuts at u hull "It's outside
the group‘s vontrol ?lztybt- wo should
mukv tlus one of our vom'ut'ns for tlu' lu-
turv. Anything we can do to over stop u
from happening ugzun. We should l'm u
l'ulht'r. l''v got u ktd 15 your» old l lt'l
htm go to ('om't'rts.

"You ('tlll only do .somothmg If you
llilH' u ~suy l’v‘yt- nou-r luul uny troublo
tn hulls twlon- llurdly I‘Vl'l' do W how
any IN t'tultts And u' “1' do. no stop
tlu-m \‘v pluyod l’onttut'. Mlt'll. ch
Httlltltt t't'stnul suds. und thon- was not
ono bloody light. not on(‘ polwon. But l'm
u t‘utultst I would play lln'ort‘ront ('ollr
‘t'lllll ugum. lt ('t)lll(l hzm- hoppunvd at u
t'ootbull uzum- or u boxmu match "