January 15, 2021

1979-12-07 – Quad City Times

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b, By Greg Kot
' amen...

After several low-profile years, The Who have re-
entered the limelight with a vengeance.

The legendary British rock group,'1n the midst of a
long-awalted concert tour of the United States, has re-
leased two movies and um double-album soundtracks
— “The Kids Are Alright” and “Quadrophenla”

Quadrophenia — a rock opera written by Who
leader Pete Townshend — tells the story of a teenager

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caught up in the Mods-Rockers gang warfare of middle-

‘605 England

The new Polydor release refreshes 10 of the origi-
nal songs, while adding three new Who songs and a side,
of oldies — ranging from Booker T and the MG‘s
“Green Onions” to The Ktngsmen's “Louie, Louie."

John Entwistle overduhs his fabulous bass parts on
the old Who tracks, beefing up “The Real Me” and “5:
15” so that they tar surpass the ’73 versions.

“Four Faces" and “J oker J am,” Who songs that
were sliced out of the original Quadrophenia, are in-
cluded here. Neither are particularly essential, but
“Joker James” reflects the Who‘s penchant for humor.
ala “Ptctum of Lilly” and “Boris the Spider."

" “Get Out and Stay Out” offers a glimpse at the new
', Who, with Kenney J ones replacing the late Keith Moon
" on drums, while “Zoot Suit,” recorded in 1964, captures
'. the band when it was known as the High Numbers. This
'0 nostalgia nugget resurrects a crooning Roger Daltrey,

'. a relatively restrained Moon, and a splendid, bluesy gul-

°' tar line by Townshend

'. In sum, the updated “Quadrophema” contains

" enough new twists to make it worthwhile for even those
_'. who own the original

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The [tumor members are. ten to right, Brthsley
Schwan. Andrew Bodnar, Steve Bolling. lantn Bel-
mont and Bob Andrews.



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