January 22, 2021

1979-12-11 – The Times and Democrat

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Wo's Next? LocalMuezician Moves On

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Commuting upon this matter has taken a week,
but considering it happened last Monday night, and

deathsofll peoplelastMmdaymghtat'lheWho
concert in Cincinnati, Ohio. In the first place, I hold
no love for people who are so intent on getting into a
concert that theywillldlltheirpeers todo so.

Secondly, it seems the organizers of the concert
used very little common sense in selling general
admission tickets to a Who concert. They should
have realized, beyond a shadow of a doubt, how
American stage appearances since Keith Moon’s

I am from Greenville, where the biggest facility

is a 6,000-seat auditorium. Even when general
admission tickets are sold there, the people are
orderly to a great extent, although you wouldn’t get

The Who to play there.
Many out there may not believe this, but The

Who, if they had known of those deatm beforehand,
would not have played the scheduled show. I don’t
want to second-gueas the members of that band, but
Pete Townshend, Roger Daltrey, J ohn Entwhistle
and Kenny J ones are all men - and they would not
so callously have disregarded the deaths of 11 of

their fans by playing the show.