May 9, 2021

Don’t Let Go The Coat

Pete Townshend: "I wrote this one in London. I was thinking about all the things you cling onto, and that the most important thing for me at that particular time was to cling to some semblance of a spiritual equipoise. The verses of the song talk about ‘things might change’ and ‘things might explode,’ but just as long as you hang onto that thread, that apron string of a real affection and love for the people around you, and for whatever else you’re into, God, whatever it is…Mum and Dad!"

This song is inspired by a phrase often used by Meher Baba. Here’s an example from a Baba prayer (supplied to me by Virginia Cassidy):

Beloved God, help us all to love You more and more,
and more and more and still yet more,
till we become worthy of Union with You;
and help us all to hold fast to Baba’s daaman [hem of his coat] till the very end.

Released in the U.K. as the second single from the album backed with "You" on May 5, 1981. It reached #47. In the U.S. the single hit the Billboard charts on June 27, 1981 peaking at #84 (#77 in Cash Box). This song also had a video shot in an identical style to the one for "You Better You Bet". "Don’t Let Go The Coat" was performed live only during the 1981 U.K./European tour. Pete and Kenney’s demo version appears on Pete’s solo album Another Scoop. This track is 3’45 on the 1997 remix.