May 9, 2021

Had Enough

From the "Who Are You" liner notes by Matt Resnicoff with additions by Brian Cady.

From the Who Are You liner notes by Matt Resnicoff with additions by Brian Cady:

Recorded at Olympic Studios in December. The string arrangement is by composer Ted Astley, Pete’s father-in-law, and was recorded at Ramport on September 30. Rod Argent plays synthesizer and backing vocals are by Andy Fairweather-Low and Billy Nichols. Unusually Roger sings a song by John. "Writing for Roger let me get more material on the album," says Entwistle. "If I sang or had written these songs for me to sing, they wouldn’t have gotten on. That was the main problem with The Who."

"I used an old Who trick, which is playing that sort of DUM DUM DUM DUM beat like ‘Bell Boy.’ I put that kind of beat to it and I used a suspended chord where you play just a C bass note and stay on the C and write chords around it that fit in. And presto! Instant Who song!"
–John Entwistle

"We used full orchestral string arrangements here for the first time on any Who track. It seemed OK to do it with one of John’s songs — he was always struggling single-handed to lay down enough overdubbed brass parts on my stuff (especially Quadrophenia) to sound like an orchestra himself. Our arranger was my wife’s inspired father, Ted Astley. The strings on this track are quantum. But it’s another cynical, life-weary lyric, like ‘New Song’. I wonder why John and I were so bored with life?"
–Pete Townshend

"I had a punch-up with Glyn Johns, mainly because he put strings on John’s track ‘Had Enough.’ I went into the studio in the afternoon the day before they put on the strings. I thought, ‘Fucking hell, strings on a Who track?’ When I heard it, it was just slushy strings and I don’t like slushy strings. I don’t mind orchestras. I like them triumphant. There’s things you can do with strings that can be really good and exciting but what he’d done on this I didn’t like. He said, ‘What do you think?’ And I said, ‘Don’t like it much.’ And he went up the fucking wall. So I think he smacked me and I smacked him and that’s how we were in those days."
–Roger Daltrey

"Had Enough" was originally intended for John’s science-fiction rock opera which also contained "905." When Lifehouse was revived, John handed those two songs over for the project. This track was released along with "Who Are You" as The Who’s second double A-side single ("The Last Time"/"Under My Thumb" was the first). This would make it the first Who A side in the U.K. to be composed by John. It didn’t receive much airplay. John later wryly remarked that most people assumed it wasn’t an A-side because it said "Entwistle" on it. No choice would be given with The Who’s next U.S. single, "Trick Of The Light"/"905". The 1996 remix features a different horn part from the original version. "Had Enough" was never performed live by The Who but a live version by The John Entwistle Band appears on their 1999 CD Left For Live.