May 9, 2021

However Much I Booze

Like ‘Slip Kid,’ ‘However Much I Booze’ was tried on stage but soon abandoned. Recorded on May 7.

[The demo for this song, entitled "No Way Out," appears on Pete’s album Scoop 3. It contains the additional lyrics, "I walk into a club and no one seems to know me. I have to tell the story of my life to keep from being thrown out there and then. It all seems so futile, can’t I live if some [something] disowns me? Can’t face the fact that once you open up for real you become ambivalent. Before they let you in, there ain’t no way out!"

Pete: "Drinking around the Who is the greatest thing gutter-level life can offer. The bawdiness of the humor, the sheer decadence of the amount put away, the incredible emotional release of violent outbursts against innocent hotel-room sofas; all these count to get a body through a lot of trouble. But at the end of the orgy, the real cancer still lies untackled deep in the heart."

Pete said in his stage introduction that this was written the day after he gave up drinking — a cure that apparently didn’t take until 1982. Richard Barnes reported that Roger considered this song so personal that he refused to sing it. Perhaps Roger just wanted everyone to know that it was not he, but Pete, that had a drinking problem. The song was played live during the 1975 U.K. and European tours and during the first three dates of the 1975 North American tour.]