May 6, 2021

Imagine A Man

Piano by Nicky Hopkins.
Recorded on May 29.

[Pete: "It just might be a key to the way that rock could grow old. It’s about that feeling of being…not a failure, but over the hill. It’s about that pathetic, pointless, tragic situation that a man gets into where — well, I’ve never been a great puller of birds, so it’s not autobiographical — but for example where he can’t pull without a big scene, and he’s not really all that mad or drinking anymore, and to tell the truth he really does quite like watching television. It’s a bit of an effort to get out on the pitch and play football on Saturdays and, to be perfectly honest, he does quite like sex on a regular basis so he can build himself up to it and not let the old lady down. It’s that type of thing, and it’s about how incredible all that is. And I realized after I’d written it what an amazingly perceptive piece of writing it was, and that either I was getting like that or somebody that I knew intimately was getting that way. Then of course I realized the song was about me. And if The Who end up recording this song, then it will definitely be a landmark in our career because it’s got the kind of honesty there is in a song like ‘Substitute.’"

Not performed live by the band, but it was in 1994 by Roger for the "Daltrey Sings Townshend" shows.]