May 6, 2021

I’ve Known No War

Pete: "One of the best examples is what the Who did over the last six weeks with a song of mine, which is the key song on the new album. Basically we just started with the word ‘war’ and went from there. It’s possibly one of the best Who tracks we’ve ever done, I believe. It’s very archetypal, very 60’s issue, but it’s also bloody great. I started it off with just a clock ticking, and we went from there, just dum, dum, dum, dum; a kind of throbbing noise. You do it to remind yourself that that’s the starting point of a lot of music these days; the half-beat, the ticking clock, the throb, the pulse…the rhythm…It’s really just about the fact that we’re a privileged generation in the fact that our fathers and grandfathers did go through two world wars and we didn’t…I think to a great extent we’ve abused that. We’ve allowed ourselves to make our own wars and allowed life to get a bit violent. I think basically we’re a bunch of spoilt brats."

This contrast would become an underlying theme in his White City film and The Iron Man. In the original mix, the strings are barely audible on the fadeout but are mixed full on the 1997 CD version. Click here to see the original lyric sheet: I’ve Known No War.