May 6, 2021

One At A Time

Synthesizers: John Entwistle and Tim Gorman


John: "After the solo album I started writing songs again basically with The Who in mind because I knew The Who album was going to be the next one. Unfortunately, because we had a bit of a practice recording session earlier on I didn’t really have time to finish the words. I think that the last set of words was ‘One At A Time’ which I finished a half hour before I sang it and I still can’t remember the words!"

Pete: "I’m in a kind of Catch-22 situation, because what I’ve done best for twenty years has damaged that part of my hearing. The only time I did it recently was on a couple of John’s songs because it was what he wanted, and I came out of those two sessions with my ears ringing for a week. And I thought, ‘Well, there’s another db lost, you know.’ I’m just very anxious to preserve my hearing."

Click here to see the original lyric sheet: One At A Time.