May 9, 2021

Pure And Easy

This is the original version of ‘Pure and Easy’ recorded at the Record Plant on March 17-18, 1971. A later version was recorded at Olympic but not released until the Odds and Sods LP in 1974 (although, confusingly, John Entwistle recollected the recording stemmed from the preparatory Stargroves sessions). Played onstage at the Young Vic and occasionally thereafter. [A different mix is included on the Who’s Next: Deluxe Edition at length 4’31. Called "The Note" at the time this was recorded, "Pure and Easy" is the central pivot of Lifehouse as "Amazing Journey" is of Tommy. An edited, overdubbed version of Pete’s demo can be found on his solo album Who Came First while a different mix of the demo appears on his 1999 Lifehouse Chronicles collection and the 2000 Lifehouse Elements CD. A live version from 1971 appears on Who’s Next Deluxe Edition and a live version from 1999 is on The Blues To The Bush CD.]

From the "Odds & Sods" liner notes by Brian Cady.

Produced by The Who and associate producer Glyn Johns at Olympic Studios, Barnes May 1971.

"This you might know from my solo album. This is the group’s version. Not all of the group’s versions of my songs are as faithful to the original demo as this one, but as usual the ’00’ make their terrible mark. Another track from the abortive LIFEHOUSE story. It’s strange really that this never appeared on WHO’S NEXT, because in the context of stuff like SONG IS OVER, GETTING IN TUNE and BABA O’RILEY it explains more about the general concept behind the LIFEHOUSE idea than any amount of rap. Not released because we wanted a single album out at the time."
–Pete Townshend

The Who’s second attempt at recording this song.

It was performed live during the early Who’s Next shows, but was dropped halfway through the 1971 U.S. Summer tour.