May 9, 2021

They Made My Dreams Come True

Pete: "Still in his cell, Ray High can observe the kids’ rise to fame while meditating. He foresees a tragedy, someone at the band’s biggest ever, and last, concert will die. He rues the fact that the rock industry seems unable to change. What is never clear is whether the concert he foresees ever takes place in reality, or actually remains a dream forever."


Pete gave more of the background for this song in a Sept. 10, 2006 interview in The Republican (Springfield, Mass.): "In this part of the story the aging narrator who is singing refers to two tragedies. One is an incident a little like the Stones’ Altamont or the Who’s Cincinnati, where audience members die. The other incident is the possible death of a member of the young band, maybe murdered by one of his band mates; it isn’t entirely clear. The dream he sings about is that they bring computerized tailor-made music to the Internet…"


Included in the live version of the mini-opera.