May 9, 2021

Unholy Trinity

Pete: "The three kids are from very different families. Gabriel is from a show biz family of lapsed Christians. Josh is from a fairly devout Jewish family (they observe Sabbath) who have suffered a tragedy, the loss of their father in an incident in Israel [a suicide bombing – BSC]. Leila, from a Muslim family who have also suffered a loss: that of her beautiful and charismatic mother who died when she was very young. They each share fantasies, and afflictions, gifts and ideas, and become deeply committed friends. Like urchin-angels they share their secrets: Gabriel hears music; Josh voices; Leila can fly."


This was not included in most live performances of the mini-opera. It was performed at shows in Philadelphia (Sept. 12, 2006), Jones Beach (Sept. 13, 2006) and Calgary (Oct. 5, 2006).