October 27, 2021

Today in Whostory: 11/08/2020

1963 – The Detours play at the Goldhawk Social Club in Shepherd’s Bush

1965 РTopteen Music Parade claims The Who spend £100 a week on clothes.

1966 – The Who are in CBS Studios in London working on “Happy Jack”. While Pete and Roger go to a pub, John and Keith go to Regent Sound and record “I’ve Been Away”

1967 – The Who play the Granada Cinema in Kettering

1968 – The Who begin their last package tour of the U.K. at the Granada Cinema in Walthamstow. The opening acts are Joe Cocker & The Grease Band, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, and The Mindbenders. In protest over the violence of their stage act, the Granada’s manager drops the curtain on The Who but they keep playing and the curtains are ultimately reopened.

1969 – The Who play the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis, Missouri

1970 – Keith sits in on congas at an East Of Eden gig at the Lyceum, London

1973 – In Listener magazine, John Peel declares that Quadrophenia is as much an advance over Tommy as Tommy was of “A Quick One.”

1974 – Keith appears on the ABC television show “In Concert”

1975 – The soundtrack to the film Lisztomania hits the U.S. charts where it peaks at #145. Star Roger Daltrey sings several songs on it and two of those, “Orpheus Song “ backed with “Love’s Dream, “ are released as a single but fail to chart.

1975 – New Musical Express reports again that Keith Moon and Oliver Reed are planning on appearing in a two-person play in London. Unfortunately it never happens.

1987 – John and his band Rat Race Choir are part of the K-Rock Rock and Roll Up Your Sleeve Blood Drive at The Bottom Line in New York. The audience is made up of the first 400 people who volunteer blood for the drive. John is interviewed by CNN.

1990 – At the beginning of the month, a press release is issued about details included in the newly-published book of interviews Rock Lives by Timothy White. One of those details contains some out-of-context remarks Pete made about the song “Rough Boys” that seem to imply that he is gay. The press grabs this misperception and runs with it, with headlines such as “My Gay Secret,” “Out of The Closet,” and “I Am Woman”. Pete refuses to contradict the reports. Recalling the “scandal” three years later he says, “I don’t want to let it be known that it is in any sense an important part of my self-image to be thought of as a breeder. I don’t want to deny bisexuality as if I were being accused of child molestation or murder, as if it were some crime or something to be ashamed of, because that would be cruel to people who are gay”. He finally officially denies being gay in 1999.

1996 – The Who continue the first leg of their North American Quadrophenia tour with a performance at the Civic Arena in Pittsburgh

1998 – The Daily Express reports that Roger is denying the use of The Who’s music to the producers of the Dougal Butler-based Keith Moon movie.

1998 – The John Entwistle Band continue their U.S. tour appearing at Chester’s in Fayetteville, Arkansas

2000 – The Who play the National Exhibition Centre Arena in Birmingham

2001 – Pete’s website offers a demo of the guitar instrumental “Drumming,”

2005 – The Live 8 DVD boxset is released featuring Pete and Roger’s performances of “Who Are You” and “Won’t Get Fooled Again.

2006 – The Who play the HP Pavilion at San Jose in San Jose, California

2008 – The Who play the Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles, California

2010 – Ray Davies tells Gigwise that Pete Townshend had wanted to work with him on an album covering old Kinks’ songs, “but he was away on holiday and we had to finish the album at some point”.

2012 – The Who play the BI-LO Center in Greenville, South Carolina