October 27, 2021

Today in Whostory: 12/24/2020

1965 – The Who appear on Ready Steady GO! performing “Jingle Bells “ and an otherwise unreleased instrumental called “You Rang “ with John imitating Lurch the Butler from The Addams Family TV series. A poor audio copy of these tracks does still exist.

1965 – The Who play the Pier Ballroom in Hastings, Sussex

1966 – Melody Maker’s “Blind Date” features Eric Clapton who reviews “I Need You”. The Who are also featured in a mention of their upcoming show at the Saville (January 29th), and ads for their show on December 31st. There is also an ad for Disc and Music Echo which states “Beach Boy’s Attacked By The Who”

1966 – New Musical Express runs the article “Who’s for a merry Xmas?” with silly Christmas comments from Pete, John and Keith

1966 – Disc and Music Echo features an article titled “WHO boss attacks Beach Boys”

1973 – Keith appears on Capital Radio’s “Nicky Horne’s Rock Party” as part of a “Christmas Eve Rock Party”

1977 – Record Mirror features an unflattering review of The Who’s recent “Kilburn” concert

1983 – The BBC premieres their new production of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors, starring Roger in the dual roles of two servants named Dromio.