October 27, 2021

Today in Whostory: 2/27/2021

1964 – The Who play at the Oldfield Hotel In Greenford

1965 – The Who hold an in-store appearance at W.G. Stores, Ltd. in Shepherd’s Bush.

1965 – Cashbox magazine’s “Bios for Deejays” features The Who

1967 – The Who return to London and head to De Lane Lea Music studio and to the Saville Theatre for rehearsals. A German film crew was on-hand for their arrival at the airport and attended the rehearsals. Footage would be used in a German TV special later in the year.

1967 – The second half of an interview with Pete in International Times is published. In it he discusses the art of auto-destruction and his ability to make social comments through pop songs.

1968 – The Who are taken to an abandoned warehouse in Hollywood by director Austin John Marshall who shoots a Monkees-style promo film for “Call Me Lightning” featuring a mechanical Keith being pursued by the other band members. It is later featured in the movie The Kids Are Alright with “Cobwebs and Strange” placed on the soundtrack.

1976 – The Who play the Hallenstadion in Z├╝rich, Switzerland

1981 – The first Who single recorded after Keith Moon’s death, “You Better You Bet,” is released in the U.K. The b-side is John’s song “The Quiet One.” It reaches #9 on the charts.

1993 – Pete completes two years of on-and-off recording for his next solo album Psychoderelict and the master tapes are delivered to Atlantic Records

1995 – Roger Daltrey’s character, Hugh Fitzcairn, is killed on Highlander: The Series. The name of the episode is “Star-Crossed.”

1996 – Tommy Keene releases his album Ten Years After featuring a cover of “It’s Not True”. You can listen to it on youtube here

2001 – Rap artist Hesher releases his self-titled CD containing “Whose Generation,” a rap version of “My Generation.” You can listen to it on youtube here

2004 – Pete delivers a diary entry from New York. He is there to play the new Who tracks for Universal Records CEO Doug Morris

2008 – Virgin Radio in the U.K. makes headlines by banning The Beatles’ music from the station after listeners vote them off. Consulted for comment, Roger Daltrey says “I didn’t like all their music. I can understand that everything has its sell-by date.”

2010 – Roger opens for Eric Clapton at Sommet Center in Nashville, Tennessee

2013 – Simon plays a solo show at Joe’s Pub in New York City. You can watch the show on youtube starting here
Visit simon’s website for photos of the show here

2016 – The Who play the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan

2019 – Doug Sandom, drummer with The Detours dies at the age of 89