October 16, 2021

Today in Whostory: 4/02/2021

1964 – The Who play the Oldfield in Greenford

1965 – The Who play the Loughton Youth Centre in Loughton

1965 – The Who have their first session on BBC radio appearing on The Joe Loss Pop Show giving a live performance at the Playhouse Theatre in Northumberland Avenue. Their set that morning is “Heatwave,” “I Can’t Explain,” “Please Please Please” and “Shout and Shimmy”. Unfortunately, the tape of this broadcast has been lost (check your closets, Brits, for that old home recording!).

1966 – The Who play La Locomotive Club in Paris, France While in Paris they had some publicity photos taken near the club.

1966 – An ad appears in the U.S. publication Billboard announcing the release of “Substitute” backed with “Waltz For A Pig” on the Atco label. This is the short version of “Substitute” with a re-recorded vocal in which the phrase “I look all white but my dad was black” is replaced with “I try walking forward but my feet walk back.” Billboard says “Debut disk on Atco for the swinging group has the Liverpool-blues sound and big beat support for an exciting chart entry aimed at the teen market.” Nevertheless, it fails to make the U.S. charts.

1966 – The Brunswick release of “A Legal Matter” hits its U.K. chart peak at #28. Melody Maker reports on the fact that The Who now have two singles in their Top 50 chart – Substitute at #15 and A Legal Matter at #39

1966 – Record Mirror carries an interview with The Who at their recent Top of the Pops appearance

1967 – The Who play the final shows at the RKO Radio Theater in New York, New York

1969 – The Who play a Poole College social at the Pavilion Ballroom in Bournemouth, Hampshire. Third Ear Band opened

2004 – An Australian promoter papers Sydney and Melbourne with posters saying Who’s Touring? hinting at a Who tour of Australia

2005 – John Entwistle’s family announces that they will be auctioning off the entire contents of his £3 million mansion. The auction on the 21st nets £123,000 with a model of Henry VIII’s armour raising £900, a leather art sculpture of a male torso £2,200, a snakeskin tambourine £160 and a microphone presented to The Who at an awards poll in 1975 £480

2007 – A video is released on YouTube of a group of British old-age pensioners performing “My Generation”. Called “The Zimmers” their lead singer is Alfie Carretta who is 90-years old at the time and who finishes the song by kicking over the drumkit. The YouTube video ends up getting over six million views. The idea came from a BBC documentary filmmaker who wanted to draw attention to his BBC specials on the isolation of the elderly. Profits from a single release go to the charity Age Concern.

2008 – Roger Daltrey is a guest on the Paul O’Grady Show showing on U.K.’s Channel 4.

2012 – The May issue of Uncut hits the newsstands featuring an interview with Pete Townshend giving his memories of various Who albums. On a personal note, he admits to having been on the receiving end of oral services in “gay situations” but declares his predilections are “heterosexual”

2014 – Roger Daltrey is on The Moody Blues Cruise 2014 leaving from Grand Turk Island, Nassau. which continues until the 7th